(English) Neosem’s P25 Script Language Provides:

  • • Remote Monitoring
  • • Java Libraries and Javadoc
  • • Test Script Editor
  • • Variables Manipulation
  • • Read, Write, Seek Macros
  • • Vendor Unique Commands
  • • LABEL and GOTO
  • • LOOP and Timed Loop
  • • Buffer Data and Conditionals
  • • Script Chaining
  • • Performance Measurement
  • • Voltage Margin
  • • Power Profile
  • • High Performance Data Verification
  • • Oven Control
  • • Trace
flexstar,总部坐落在加州弗里蒙市,是一个顶尖的测试和测量解决方案供应商,该公司的产品主要对存储相关的设备进行标准化以及提供可重复的测试解决方案。如硬盘,固态硬盘光驱和PCIe驱动器, Flexstar在过去的30年里,在提供测试和测量解决方案方向上一直保持着世界领军地位。 Flexstar的产品包括环境测试箱,老化架,台式和自我测试使用的解决方案,通过控制参数,如湿度,温度以及力度来对产品的稳定性,质量性,进行生产测试。 Flexstar的专有软件套件和丰富的测试脚本库,能确保每一个客户都可以自己定制和运行一系列的测试,来确保他们的驱动器达到最佳的性能。


Flexstar前身是一个硬盘驱动器的检测和维修服务公司,成立于1981年。在接下来的几年里,公司的业务从提供检测服务转型到销售硬盘测试系统。1985年,随着该公司的第一台多端口测试系统出售给Miniscribe,Flexstar成功地步入了测试系统行业。 1987年, Flexstar的核心产业被特色产品的生产厂家Core Industries, Inc.所购买,直到1992年被Flexstar买回。

2006年,Audax集团收购Flexstar,由CEO Anthony (Tony) Lavia 来带领和发展公司,Tony提出, 在在驱动设计阶段中提供一个预测技术变革和发展的测试解决方案,对产品的质量以及稳定性上起着非常重要的作用。如今Flexstar 在第三方公司,承包存储,测试解决方案领域扮演着领导者的地位。
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Flexstar and Tanisys Merge ,Announces New Company Name – Neosem Technology

San Jose, CALIFORNIA (August 5, 2016) – Flexstar Technology and Tanisys Technology announces today that it has combined operations and will jointly operate as Neosem Technology effective immediately. Neosem Inc. acquired Tanisys Technology in 2007 and Flexstar Technology in October, 2015.   The merger and name change is a consolidation of talent and resources in the US and underscores the increased collaboration with the parent company in Korea.

DH Yeom, Chief Executive Officer for Neosem Inc., states, “We are merging the talents, intellectual property, and support staff, to solidify the collaborative relationship with our manufacturing capability in Korea.  Our new name will reflect our firm commitment to offering innovative test solutions that go well beyond our current product offering. We are investing heavily in the future of our Company, and as the industry leader in high performance test solutions for SSDs and flash memory storage, Neosem Technology will continue to be an early provider of the technologies that help drive these new storage innovations.”

Neosem’s associates and customers are optimistic about the change as it reflects the significant growth of Neosem in recent years and also indicates a strategy for continued progress in the coming years.

“We are very excited about the introduction of the merger and our new company name. We believe the name Neosem Technology allows us to better represent our business as we introduce new products”, said Mike Rogowski, COO, Neosem Technology. “Our goal is to enable the development of new SSD technologies and innovations.  In response to customer demand, we continue to aggressively pursue that focused objective.”


Based in San Jose CA, Neosem Technology Inc. is an industry‐leading pioneer of innovative SSD test solutions that help industry storage leaders develop new technologies. For additional information, visit www.neosemtech.com.


Based in Korea, Neosem is a provider of automatic test equipment for semiconductor manufacturing, used to test semiconductor memory components, memory cards and solid-state drives (SSDs). Neosem’s cost-effective, flexible and scalable automated test platform is designed to help the SSD ecosystem meet rapidly expanding market demand for SSDs.

Contact :

Joseph Goh, email: jgoh@neosemtech.com ,www.neosemtech.com