Neosem’s P25 Script Language Provides:

  • • Remote Monitoring
  • • Java Libraries and Javadoc
  • • Test Script Editor
  • • Variables Manipulation
  • • Read, Write, Seek Macros
  • • Vendor Unique Commands
  • • LABEL and GOTO
  • • LOOP and Timed Loop
  • • Buffer Data and Conditionals
  • • Script Chaining
  • • Performance Measurement
  • • Voltage Margin
  • • Power Profile
  • • High Performance Data Verification
  • • Oven Control
  • • Trace


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Manufacturer’s Warranty

Every Neosem test system comes with our initial, extended Support and Services Warranty, a benefit that delivers ongoing and reliable operation. This warranty not only includes our Hardware Warranty coverage for the materials and workmanship of your system, it also includes our Software License and Applications Support program.

After the initial warranty period, Software Licenses, Applications Support and Hardware Warranties may be purchased for one, two or three year periods. For more information contact

Some of the benefits and features of our warranty package include:

Software License

  • Comprehensive library of test scripts
  • Full access and use of Neosem server applications
  • Regular software updates available via download

Applications Support

  • Test Script Analysis
  • Test Case, Report File Analysis
  • Trace File Analysis
  • Remote Access, Live Support
  • Telephone Support

Some of the benefits and features of our warranty package include:

Hardware Warranty

  • Labor and travel for onsite service and hardware replacement
  • Discounted pricing on consumable parts
  • Replacement of non-consumable components due to normal wear and tear
  • Preferred pricing for onsite support and preventative maintenance*

Additional Services Available

The following services are available at preferred pricing for subscribers:

  • Onsite or hosted script development training
  • Turn-key script writing services
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Onsite spare parts inventory
  • Equipment logistics preparation service
  • Onsite Start-up and certification services
  • Environmental control calibrations

*Bench-top systems need to be shipped to the factory for repair or replacement.

Please contact our technical support team at and we will follow up with you as quickly as possible.

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