Neosem’s P25 Script Language Provides:

  • • Remote Monitoring
  • • Java Libraries and Javadoc
  • • Test Script Editor
  • • Variables Manipulation
  • • Read, Write, Seek Macros
  • • Vendor Unique Commands
  • • LABEL and GOTO
  • • LOOP and Timed Loop
  • • Buffer Data and Conditionals
  • • Script Chaining
  • • Performance Measurement
  • • Voltage Margin
  • • Power Profile
  • • High Performance Data Verification
  • • Oven Control
  • • Trace


Neosem’s systems are the only testers on the market that provide the hardware along with all encompassing software to ensure a turnkey system that works right out of the box.

Andromeda, our proprietary software suite and its large repository of testing scripts enable each customer to run a customized series of tests to guarantee optimum performance of their drives.

Andromeda runs on a Linux ® kernel with a Java ® platform. This platform supports the P25 scripting language, interactive shell, and Java plug-ins or direct executable class files. The P25 scripting language is easy to use; the built-in pick and place editor allows for customization without the need for previous programming experience. Sophisticated users have the ability to develop specialized tests through Java plug-ins or via C++ using APIs in the Linux layer. An Intel® chip set environment allows users to stay up to date with price/performance and compatibility.

SSD test results:

HDD test results: