Neosem’s P25 Script Language Provides:

  • • Remote Monitoring
  • • Java Libraries and Javadoc
  • • Test Script Editor
  • • Variables Manipulation
  • • Read, Write, Seek Macros
  • • Vendor Unique Commands
  • • LABEL and GOTO
  • • LOOP and Timed Loop
  • • Buffer Data and Conditionals
  • • Script Chaining
  • • Performance Measurement
  • • Voltage Margin
  • • Power Profile
  • • High Performance Data Verification
  • • Oven Control
  • • Trace
Testing Solutions

The F-30EX is Neosem's widest temperature/humidity range micro climate test system. This system will start and manage the device tests, synchronize the temperature/humidity with the testing, gather and organize test history and test results, and provide direct device access for deep analysis and troubleshooting.

  • Tailored to HDD or SSD Testing with SAS, SATA interfaces
  • Capacity:
  • • 128, 2.5" SSDs • 60, 2.5" HDDs or • 30, 3.5" HDDs
  • SBC-5 based – the fastest motherboard with Intel® Core™ i3, i5 or i7 Sandy Bridge CPU with graphic memory controller, x16 Gen 2 Bus and USB-3
  • Dual Compressors for extremely low temperature testing
  • Turnkey solution, featuring Neosem's Andromeda operating software
  • User-friendly GUI allows for easy test control (start/stop) and monitoring (status) of all Device Under Test (DUT) on one touch screen
  • Integrated control of thermals and monitoring allows users to view the programmed profile along with process temperature
  • Comprehensive library of test scripts for SSD and HDD reliability and production testing
  • User friendly pick and place scripting language
  • API for custom or existing plug-ins
  • Can run independent test scripts for each port
  • Programmable power margining per DUT with current and voltage measurement read-back