Neosem’s P25 Script Language Provides:

  • • Remote Monitoring
  • • Java Libraries and Javadoc
  • • Test Script Editor
  • • Variables Manipulation
  • • Read, Write, Seek Macros
  • • Vendor Unique Commands
  • • LABEL and GOTO
  • • LOOP and Timed Loop
  • • Buffer Data and Conditionals
  • • Script Chaining
  • • Performance Measurement
  • • Voltage Margin
  • • Power Profile
  • • High Performance Data Verification
  • • Oven Control
  • • Trace

About Neosem

Neosem Technology, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, is a leading provider of testing and measurement solutions for technology manufacturers. The company’s products are used to conduct standardized, repeatable testing solutions of storage-related devices such as HDDs, SSDs ODDs and PCIe drives. Neosem-Flexstar maintains an over 30-year history of providing test and measurement solutions to the world’s leading companies in the storage industry.Neosem’s products consist of environmental chambers, burn-in racks, bench-top and self-test solutions which are used to conduct reliability, qualification and factory production tests through controlled parameters such as humidity, temperature and power. Neosem’s proprietary software suite and its large repository of testing scripts ensure that each customer can run a customized series of tests to ensure optimum performance of their drives.


Flexstar was founded in 1981 as a hard drive testing and repair service company. Over the next few years the company migrated from providing testing services to selling hard drive test systems. In 1985, the company sold its first multi-port testing system to Miniscribe, entering the company into the testing system industry. In 1987, Flexstar was purchased by Core Industries, Inc., a specialty products manufacturer, which owned the company until it was reacquired by Flexstar management in 1992.

In 2006, Audax Group and Rigel Associates acquired Flexstar to develop a seamless portfolio of testing solutions, which apply from the drive design phase through reliability demonstration and factory production. In 2015 Flexstar was purchased by Neosem Inc a manufacturer of SSD and Flash Memory Chip Tester company. Today Neosem/Flexstar is the world’s leading provider of third party, turnkey storage testing solutions.